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Time with Young Christians


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Rooted in the Past - Growing Into the Future


Here are some FMPC reminders -

On August 30, 2015, historic Flower Mound Presbyterian Church, Denton County’s oldest Presbyterian Church, is celebrating 161 years along with the 101st birthday of our oldest member, Miss Oleta Simmons Greer. Miss Oleta is our “angel”. In fact, her name means “winged one”. Ms. Greer’s family members were some of the earliest residents of Flower Mound. In fact, Simmons Road is named for her family. ¬†Flower Mound started as a Presbyterian campsite in the 1840s. Religious meetings were held for two to three weeks at a time. By 1854, the church was officially established by Reverend Matthew B. Donald. Donald school, the first elementary school, was founded in 1877. By 1920, when Miss Oleta was a child, the church was thriving with 126 members and she was attending Donald School. Many years’ later, the town of Flower Mound was chartered at our church.
We will celebrate both birthdays with a special Homecoming Worship Service beginning at 10:30 AM. This will be followed by a potluck at 11:30. All are welcome! Homecoming celebrates the history of the church and Flower Mound and recognizes those who attended the original Donald School. The church is located at 1501 Flower Mound Road in Flower Mound, TX. Sunday School starts at 9:30, followed by Worship Service at 10:30. Church members, family members of Miss Oleta, and former attendees of the Donald School are invited to share their memories and stories during the service. call 972-539-7184 for more information.

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Welcome! We are a family with a mission of
Praising God
Sharing God's Love
Equipping Disciples
Ministering in Community

We are a church that is Rooted in the Past and Growing into the Future.
Come grow with us and experience the beauty of our heritage.


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