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Rooted in the Past - Growing Into the Future


                                      MONTHLY CRAFT DAY!


Who: Everyone is invited!

Flower Mound Presbyterian Church
1501 Flower Mound Rd
Flower Mound TX 75028

When: Sat. August 12, 2017
10 am till….   (Lunch tbd-in or out)

What: Share and learn crafts together. Knit, crochet, make ornaments, decorations, scrapbook, sew, etc.
Bring power strips as needed.

Fun with others. No special skills required. Bring your ideas/crafts/equipment
+Info: Call/text Patty (214) 789-7734


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Welcome! We are a family with a mission of
Praising God
Sharing God's Love
Equipping Disciples
Ministering in Community

We are a church that is Rooted in the Past and Growing into the Future.
Come grow with us and experience the beauty of our heritage.

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